Cottage-Style Comfort Somewhere in the evolution of the American home, families deserted the living room at the front of the house in favor of conversational areas in and around the kitchen. But more homeowners are finding ways to turn this traditionally formal space into a more comfortable, inviting room.

Cottage style living room with cozy seats and a dark wood coffee table that sits on a tasseled area rug. It includes a fireplace enclosed in a three-panel screen. This living room features a leather armchair and beige sectionals paired with wooden coffee tables. There’s a flat-screen TV on a dark wood console against the white beadboard wall.

Cottage living room design is all about getting back to basics and embracing natural materials, so add texture and character by opting for solid wood furniture. Pick authentic pieces that match the period of the cottage, and choose wood with rich tones that add a warmth and depth to the room, helping to create a comforting hub of the house.