1. Clean house at the old place. Even before you make an offer on a new place, get ahead of the game by starting this process. This critical first step will not only make your current digs easier to pack up, but it will put you miles ahead during move-in. Be strong and rid yourself of anywhere from 25 percent to 50 percent of your old stuff: wobbly furniture in the attic, faulty appliances in ...

Decorating a new home doesn't have to cost you too much money – or peace of mind. Check out our five steps of decorating a new house to learn how to decorate a new home without overspending.

When you start decorating your new home with a Whole Home Design Concept Board, you set the tone, look, and style for your home. By breaking it down into individual room boards, this lets you really hone in on the design and how you want to bring it to life.

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