It's no mystery where the classic earthy colors of the season come from; just look out the window at the natural world around you. Leaves are changing color to intense reds and pinks, vivid oranges and yellows, and more subdued browns and coppers as they fall.

Corn husk ideas A quick dip in fabric dye sets corn husks aglow in ruby, indigo and gold, leaving vibrant raw material for easy and long-lasting fall crafts. Click or tap here to see how to make candlestick collars, a wreath, napkin rings, plate chargers, husk flowers and a centerpiece. 5 of 50

To inspire you, here are a few DIY fall decor ideas. Make charming, rustic DIY coasters that pay homage to fall. You'll need a branch at least 3 inches in diameter and a good saw to cut 1-inch slices off of it. Use sandpaper to remove rough areas, and cover the entire disc with matte finishing spray.