Source: We call our fifth of the 10 eclectic living room ideas our ideal eclectic space. Within one relatively long space, you can see the area plays several functions, like a living room, dining room and study or working room.

The key to an eclectic living room is the lighting. The stronger and brighter, the better. Also, in case you are having a hard time deciding on which style or design to apply, why don’t you just use them all and have great fun decorating. After all, an eclectic living room is made up of all the other styles.

a bright eclectic living room with folksy rugs and blankets, potted greenery and blooms, lamps and bold artworks a bright eclectic living space with a unique chandelier, a mustard velvet sofa, a boho rug, a floral fireplace wall a colorful eclectic living area with a crazy gallery wall, velvet and leather furniture, an industrial coffee table