This autumn, take advantage of the colorful leaves and natural scenery right outside your door by festively decorating your front porch. May this collection of fall front porch decorating ideas from around the web inspire you to say "welcome" to autumn and give you great ideas for decorating your front porch with seasonal style. 01 of 13

And of course, the fall decorating of the front porch. We are so lucky to experience all four seasons in New York. There is nothing like welcoming fall and autumn more than decorating your front porch. Not only does it welcome you when you enter your house, but also your neighbors and guests.

Add dimension to your fall front porch with plenty of layers. Once you have your decor, sort it by height—the tallest items should go in the back and the smallest up front. Add more variety in height by using hay bales as platforms to hold lanterns or pumpkins. Fill in the gaps with textured baskets of mums. And don't forget the pretty fall ...