The shabby-chic style living room features a cozy lounge chair with wooden framed mirrors on the side fixed against the white walls. It includes built-in shelving and a ladder that doubles as a rack. Source: The Marion House Book Fresh living room with a blue sofa and perforated chairs covered in faux fur blankets.

Shabby-Chic Living Room Sofa chairs covered in super-soft linen slipcovers and cotton throws look warm, worn, and comfy—especially when offset with a sparkling chandelier.

The classic shabby chic living room is first and foremost a comfortable space. Plump cushions invite the visitor to set aside the cares of the world. With soft fabrics, shabby chic is as comforting to the touch as it is to the eye. Old-fashioned flowers like peonies and roses bloom everywhere, and candles burn in the corners.