Like acres of golden grasses, Sherwin-Williams Honeycomb is a stunning gold paint color, perfect for accent walls or furniture in a Tuscan-style room. If you're looking for a warm dining room paint color idea, Honeycomb is gorgeous. Try a rich gold with off-white trim paint colors, and dark wood furniture, for a Tuscan-inspired dining room.

Tuscan Paint Colors #1: Gray, Mustard & Deep Purple The colors of Tuscan stone walls depend on the location - some Tuscan houses are pale grey, while others appear almost golden. This Tuscan color scheme comes from Micciano, a tiny village where the local stone has honey & mustard tones as well as different shades of grey in it.

Tuscan paint palettes pay tribute to the land and sky, and they tend to have a muted look, as if they've faded naturally over time. Tuscan kitchens include an array of these earthy shades including bold yellows, rusty reds, burnt oranges, deep purples and natural browns.