a beachy living room with a gorgeous artwork, light blue chairs, a cork table and a rug. a sea-inspired living room with a light blue glass wall, a white sofa with printed pillows, a printed curtain and Moroccan lanterns. a white coastal living room with white furniture and curtains, a tan rug and a suspended ship.


Blue Beach Living Room. Image Source: Country Living. The baby blue shade goes perfectly with the combination of white in terms of creating an airy and relaxing appearance of a living room. This two tones matched together are powerful duo and create an aesthetically modern and beautiful appearance, moreover reflecting fresh, clean and vibrant ...


As you browse our Blue Living Room Gallery, you’ll notice that blue is a prominent color in all sizes and styles of living rooms. The color blue represents peace, unity, trust, security, cleanliness, and stability. While blue can also represent sadness, blue has positive associations in interior design.