If you have a green thumb, consider grouping lots of plants together to inject energy into a neutral living room. We love the way houseplants in varying shapes and sizes add color to the top of this bookcase. 2. Matching Drapes and Pillows. One fabric used in several ways can totally transform a neutral living room.


Neutral colors can provide the perfect base for a cozy living room. Applied through paint colors, furniture, and decor, shades of white, cream, gray, brown, and black create laidback, liveable color schemes. These neutral living room ideas will help you fashion an inviting space that suits your style.


A neutral living room can be very livable and family-friendly, as evidenced here by Sidra's living room. Part of the reason in this example is the darker neutrals, like brown and black, and the use of patterns. People often associate neutral with white, but neutrals are generally considered to be any colors that don’t make an appearance on ...